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Blender Wiki PDF Manual – september 2013

3 Settembre 2013


Today, September 03 2013, I baked and uploaded a new “Blender Wiki Manual PDF“, as usually on, then updated this page.

This release contains the current version of the Blender Wiki Manual 2.6 pages, converted to PDF with an automatic process.The final conversion produces a 1500 (!) PDF document.

Apart from that, I only added a short intro text (2 pages) and, in header/footer, some info about the document, the conversion author (me)  and this site for reference.

While I try to preserve all the original wiki content, there are still bugs and here and there but, doing this in my spare time, I have to find the time to find and fix most of them. The biggest challenge to ensure the PDF is “perfect” is obviously the huge size of the document, which collects hundreds of wiki pages together (644 in this release), written and composed by so many different authors worldwide (that’s the nature of a wiki of course), and changing every day, so I will try but I know it is really a though project for me, probably for anyone.

New wiki pages added since last release:


Different content on previous pages since last release:

  • updated references to the new current version (2.68a)
  • added sections/paragraphs
    • “Sculpt Overlay Color”
    • “Active Element as Pivot”
    • “Multiple Snap Targets”
    • “Vertex Parent from Edit Mode”
    • “Vertex Parent from Object Mode”
    • “Mesh Analysis”
    • “Topology Mirror”
    • “Weight Paint Options > Restrict”
    • “Force fields > Rigid Bodies”
    • “Render > Platforms”
    • “Render > Velvet, Sigma input, Falloff, Cubic, Gaussian, Texture Blur input, Sky Type, Ground Albedo”
    • “Render passes > Subsurface Direct, Indirect, Color”
  • many authors fixed minor things here and there, typos, html code, formatting, reference links, notes (let me know if you need more detail)

Since the previous version, I keep using this page (and probably will keep the same page on, too), linking the latest and all previous versions perhaps, so people doesn’t have to guess the url each time. Easier.

The page is, the PDF is already available. I stopped from deriving other formats because it could be a waste of space. let me know if you need other formats than PDF.

Have fun!Marco

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  • 1. ghee  |  13 Agosto 2013 alle 13:47

    thank you thank you thank you so very much!



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