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Blender Wiki PDF Manual


I created a project to bake a PDF (con)version of the Blender Wiki Manual 2.6 pages with an automatic process. The final conversion currently produces a 1500 (!) pages PDF document.

Apart from that, I only add a cover, a short intro text (2 pages) and, in header/footer, some info about the document, the conversion author (me) and this site for reference.

While I try to preserve all the original wiki content, there are still bugs and here and there but, doing this in my spare time, I have to find the time to find and fix most of them. The biggest challenge to ensure the PDF is “perfect” is obviously the huge size of the document, which collects hundreds of wiki pages together (644 in latest release), written and composed by so many different authors worldwide (that’s the nature of a wiki of course), and changing every day, so I will try but I know it is really a though project for me, probably for anyone.

The page is, where the PDF is always available, with some previous version too.

You can find all posts about this project here.

Have fun!Marco